The Reason for The Attenuation of The High Bay Lights

LED high bay lamps have covered a large area of big cities, energy saving, environmental protection, high light efficiency, and long life are the reasons why people love them.

However, some people still find that some LED high bay lights are very bright when they are first used, and after a period of use, their light intensity will be reduced. LED high bay lights are affected by light attenuation.

high bay light of Application scenario

Although not as serious as traditional lamps, qualified LED high bay lights can still maintain 70% illumination at the end of their service life. This light attenuation is normal. And serious light attenuation LED high bay lights will reach more than 40%, what is the reason?
Attenuation of high bay lights

What causes LED high bay light decay?

Generally speaking, there are two main factors for LED high bay light failure:

First of all, LED high bay lights product quality issues:

1 High bay lights quality is poor

The chip of the High bay lights is one of the important factors that determine the service life of the High bay lights. The data and specifications of LED chips produced by some small factories are not related. Even if the late packaging process is good, there may be a series of problems such as dead beads and serious light decay.

2 High temperature of LED chip

Due to defects in the production process, LED chip heat dissipation can not be well exported from the pin, resulting in high LED chip temperature and increased chip attenuation.
When the high bay LED light bead is working, the heating heat of a single lamp bead will be reduced, and the temperature of the bracket will not exceed 45 ° C. At this time, the life of the LED high bay lights will be ideal, but when the LED lamp bead forms a lamp group, the corresponding temperature will increase. High, not conducive to the long-term use of LED high bay lights. For heat dissipation problems, one is to choose a good aluminum substrate to help better heat dissipation. Some high-power outdoor lights will be designed with radiators. Radiator design and data are key factors. Good heat dissipation chips lose heat faster. Another method is to add the distance between the lamp beads, the best distance between the lamp beads is greater than 25mm.
Therefore, after understanding the ideal working parameters of LED high bay light beads, we try to enhance their thermal and heat dissipation functions when designing lamps. In any case, the lower the temperature, the longer the LED life.

In short, LED high bay lights are afraid of heat, the higher the temperature, the shorter the LED high bay lights' life, the lower the temperature, the longer the LED high bay lights life. The ideal operating temperature of LED is of course -5 ° C, but this is basically impossible. Therefore, consumers must understand the efficiency of LED high bay lamps when choosing LED high bay lamps and should be reasonably protected when using them to make the best use of them and add luster to them.

Second, the use of the lamp environment:

LED high bay lights placed outdoors

1 LED high bay lights use constant current drivers, and some drivers are attenuated by LED drive voltage. Or, the driving current is greater than the rated driving condition.

2 LED high bay lights for outdoor use, subject to environmental factors. If the manufacturer fails to seal and waterproof the luminaire, the interior of the light source will be corroded by rain acid and alkali substances. Affects the service life and produces light attenuation.
Under normal circumstances, it is strictly prohibited to cover objects during work. One is because LED high bay lights are not conducive to heat dissipation, and the other is that they are easy to catch fire.

high bay light place outdoor

In general, there are many reasons for the decline in the strength of LED high bay lights. For example, the thermal resistance of the LED chip itself, the silver glue, and the long-term continuous operation of the street lamp, if the cooling module cannot effectively dissipate heat, it will affect the life and luminous efficiency of the LED. Colloids and gold filaments are also associated with light decay. The most critical issue, however, is temperature. Many LED high bay light manufacturers still focus on low-cost products and do not pay special attention to heat dissipation. Therefore, long-term use of these LED high bay light products will result in severe light attenuation. In addition, the heat dissipation efficiency of the LED high bay lights radiator decreases with time. This is due to the accumulation of dust and bird droppings, which reduces its heat dissipation efficiency, which is very unfriendly to lamps. 


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