JC-LGL Product Warranty

JC-LGL offers a 5-year warranty on all products purchased on this website.


Dear Customer.  All industrial & commercial lights in JC-LGL store support free replacement warranty within 5 years (calculated from the date of your purchase).     If you have any problems during the use of our products, please feel free to contact our after-sales customer service team (support@jclgl-led.com), we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.     If you can attach a picture or video of the corresponding product and explain the specific problem to us, it will help us solve the problem more quickly.    More importantly, we will feed back these product problems to our product quality team for analysis, so that they can improve the product in time to avoid similar problems in the future.     Thank you!

Detailed description of JC-LGL product warranty policy. Here's a rundown of some of the key messages:

Warranty Period: JC-LGL offers a certain warranty period, during which the customer is entitled to a full or partial refund, store credit or the right to exchange the product.

Return charges: If a warranty claim is approved and a return is required, the customer may be required to pay return shipping charges.

Conditions for approval of warranty claims: Warranty claims will only be approved if the product is used in accordance with the instructions in the product manual or on the JC-LGL website.

Additional possible requests: JC-LGL may request additional information, such as product photos, videos, and how the product is used and installed.

Additional conditions: Some additional conditions include that the product must be installed and operated according to the instructions, free from accidents, negligence, abuse, misuse or acts of God, and that the product purchase must be made at JC-LGL or its authorized distributor/retailer.

Geographical Limitation: This warranty applies only to products purchased and used within the jurisdiction of the United States.

Product inspection: JC-LGL reserves the right to inspect non-conforming products to determine the cause of the non-conformity. Additional representatives may be required to assess the lighting system and ensure that all potential causes of failure are identified and appropriately addressed.

Modification Nullifies Warranty: Any modification to the product will void the warranty.

These conditions and requirements are designed to ensure that customers receive the best possible service and protection when using JC-LGL products.