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Dear Partner,

Thank you for your interest in joining the JC-LGL® Commercial Lighting Partnership Program. We welcome you to be a part of our program and explore new opportunities in the field of commercial lighting.

Benefits of Collaboration:

1.Preferential Pricing:We are the original manufacturing factory, offering a competitive pricing strategy.

2.Responsive Support:Quickly respond to your needs, providing efficient and professional support services.

3.Custom Quotes:Provide product customization services for you, offering personalized quotes to meet unique requirements and budgets.

4.Promotions & Specials:Regularly launch promotional events and special discounts, providing you with more affordability.

5.Competitive Price Match:Ensure a competitive advantage over market competitors' prices, guaranteeing you the most competitive pricing.

6.30 Days Return:Offer a lenient 30-day return policy, making returns worry-free.

7.Rebate & Incentive:Provide rebate and incentive programs, creating a win-win situation.

8.Franchise Project Support:Support franchise projects, offering comprehensive assistance to help partners successfully develop their business.

    Joining Process:

    1.Fill out the Application Form: Please complete the attached Partner Application Form, ensuring to provide detailed information to help us better understand your business and needs.

    2.Review and Approval: We will review your application and, upon completion of the approval process, formally invite you to join the JC-LGL® Commercial Lighting Partnership Program.

    3.Training and Support: As a partner, you will receive professional training and ongoing support to ensure you can leverage the advantages of our products effectively.

      Contact Us:

      If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to reach out to our operations team. We are here to assist you.
      Thank you for choosing to be a JC-LGL® Commercial Lighting Partner. We look forward to a successful collaboration!

      Best Regards,

      JC-LGL® Team



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