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How PC Reflectors Improve Illumination Efficiency in High Bay Lights

 90 Degree PC Reflector for HB & Aphla UFO High Bay Lights


90° Light Reflectors Inventory Update

Currently, in the US inventory, we only have the HB series and Alpha series of 90° light reflectors. In the Canadian inventory, we have adjustable series light reflectors available.

Key Features and Functions of PC Reflectors

1. Glare Prevention

One of the primary functions of our PC reflectors is to prevent glare. Although the difference between the 90° and 12° beam angles is not particularly significant, the smaller angle allows for a higher luminous flux directly beneath the high bay light. This feature ensures that the central area under the light is brighter.

2. More Even Light Distribution

PC reflectors enhance the frequency of light reflection, resulting in more uniform light distribution throughout the space. This ensures that the light from the lamp spreads evenly, providing a well-lit environment without significant dark spots or overly bright areas.

Our PC light reflectors are designed to optimize the performance of high bay lights, making them an excellent choice for various lighting applications where both glare prevention and uniform light distribution are crucial.



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