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I have a 40 x 60 with 18ft high ceilings, how many lights and what spacing is recommended?

The appropriate illuminance for a space depends on its intended use.  Generally, the illumination levels for homes range from 100 to 500 lux, while offices or shops typically require 300 to 1000 lux.  For a home interior lighting setup in a 40x60x18 ft space using our 210W 2FT store light, it is recommended to install 12-15 lights with a spacing of 12-15 feet between each light.  Conversely, if the same 40x60x18 ft space is being used for a shop, we recommend using 32-50 lights, with each light spaced 6-10 feet apart.


In the field of lighting, 'illuminance' refers to the intensity of light on a specific surface, usually measured in lux. An illuminance exceeding 100 lux indicates that there is more than 100 lumens per square meter on that surface.

To help understand, here are some examples:

  • Low to Medium Light Levels: Typical home interiors usually have illumination levels between 100 and 300 lux.
  • Office Lighting: It is recommended to maintain between 300 to 500 lux to ensure sufficient light for reading and writing.
  • Special Work Areas: Tasks like drafting or precision manufacturing might require illumination levels of 1000 lux or higher.

Therefore, if a place has an illuminance of over 100 lux, it is generally suitable for basic living and working activities. However, tasks requiring more detailed observation may still need stronger lighting.


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