Lighting Up the Large Garage: A Transformation with UFO High Bay LEDs

When Brian took over a new workshop, a spacious 40 by 60 barn in Tennessee, he faced a significant challenge: the lighting, or rather, the lack of it. The previous setup consisted of just a couple of dim fluorescent tubes on one wall, hardly adequate for the kind of diverse projects Brian was planning to undertake. Understanding the necessity of proper lighting in a workspace, Brian embarked on a quest to find the perfect solution to illuminate his large garage efficiently and effectively.


This is Brian's garage.


Discovering the Perfect Lighting Solution

After thorough research, Brian settled on UFO-style High Bay LED lights of JC-LGL Lighting. These lights were not only energy-efficient but also powerful enough to brighten the vast space of his barn. The choice to upgrade to LED lighting from the inadequate fluorescent tubes was driven by the need for a brighter, more conducive working environment. Brian highlighted that the barn, being a significant investment in itself, required lighting that would make it usable for various projects, ranging from woodworking to automotive repair.


Why JC-LGL's UFO High Bay LEDs?

The decision to opt for JC-LGL UFO High Bay LEDs was multifaceted. These lights are specifically designed for high ceilings and large spaces, making them an ideal choice for Brian's barn. Each unit, boasting 240 watts of power, could emit up to 35,000 lumens, providing ample light for the entire area. Additionally, the color temperature of 5000K, also known as daylight, was perfect for creating a natural lighting environment, enhancing both visibility and work efficiency.

Brian appreciated the cost-benefit aspect of these lights, noting that at approximately $150 each, they offered a lot of light for a good price. The installation of six fixtures across the barn ensured even distribution of light, eliminating shadows and dark spots. This setup was not only economical but also aesthetically pleasing, contributing to a modern and professional look for the workspace.

Installation and Benefits

The installation process was straightforward. The UFO High Bay LEDs came equipped with a hook and a regular 110-volt plug, making them easy to hang and power. Brian ran conduit along the beams of the barn, placing plugs strategically to accommodate the lights. This setup allowed for a clean, organized look, and the flexibility to adjust the lighting as needed.

One of the standout features of these lights is their dimmability. Although Brian didn't initially install the necessary low-voltage control wire for dimming, the option to add this feature later was an attractive aspect, offering the potential for even greater control over the lighting environment.

The Result

The transformation of the barn into a well-lit, functional workspace has been nothing short of remarkable. The High Bay LEDs have provided a bright, inviting space conducive to productivity and creativity. Brian's experience underscores the importance of proper lighting in any workspace, demonstrating that with the right fixtures, even the largest spaces can be efficiently illuminated.




Reflecting on the project, Brian expressed complete satisfaction with his choice of lighting. The only consideration for future improvement would be the addition of dimming capabilities, a testament to the adaptability and forward-thinking design of the UFO High Bay LEDs. Through this upgrade, Brian's barn has become a beacon of productivity, proving that good lighting is not just about visibility, but about transforming spaces into places where great work can happen.



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