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What are the best high bay led lights

----Explore options for the best high bay LED lights

    When you think of UFO High Bay Lights, you might think of industrial plants, gymnasiums or warehouses with large lighting needs. There is no doubt that the use of UFO High Bay Lights is very extensive.


    In a remote town in the 1990s, there is an old factory that was once a busy manufacturing center. However, over time, the traditional lighting system became obsolete and no longer met modern standards. Workers are finding that they need a more energy efficient, brighter lighting solution to increase productivity and improve the working environment. Therefore, with the continuous development of productivity, halogen lamps have also emerged, but various performance with the change of times and technology, can not meet people's environmental protection and energy consumption two aspects of consideration.

    Then the UFO High Bay Lights came to their rescue. What kind of UFO High Bay Lights are the best choice? Here, we delve into the benefits, selection points, and recommended brands and models of UFO High Bay Lights to help you find the best UFO High Bay Lights product for your needs.


. Concept and use of UFO High Bay Lights

    The UFO High Bay Lights is a unique design whose shape resembles a flying saucer, hence the name "UFO". This kind of lamp is usually widely used in large indoor Spaces, such as factories, warehouses, stadiums, etc., to provide bright and uniform lighting.


UFO High Bay Lights is designed to achieve efficient light distribution and energy efficient lighting solutions.

    This type of fixture is usually installed on a high ceiling to provide wide light coverage so that the entire space can be fully illuminated. Due to its High brightness and uniform light distribution characteristics, UFO High Bay Lights are particularly suitable for environments requiring large area lighting, which can effectively improve work efficiency and safety. In addition, due to its energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics, UFO High Bay Lights has also become one of the choices for many enterprises to pursue sustainable development.

    Overall, UFO High Bay Lights not only provide an efficient lighting solution, but also add a modern and technological feel to the interior space through its unique shape design.



     According to the research and development of the entire LED industry, we conclude that modern LED has the following advantages:

   1. High light efficiency and obvious power saving effect. At present, the lighting fixtures commonly used in factories are metal halide lamps, whose optical parameters are 65 ~ 80 lm /W,The typical value of LED lighting is 80 ~ 150 lm /W, with It has great advantages in light efficiency. At the same level of illumination,LED power consumption is much less than metal halide lamps, with It has remarkable effect of saving electricity.

   2. Intrinsically safe, reliable performance LED uses DC, light source light color is simple, no UV Line, no glare, no stroboscopic effect on human eyes for long-term work.

   3. Stable and reliable, long life LED light source for solid light, solid structure, resistant Impact, stable and reliable, long service life under normal circumstances Up to 50,000 h, it is areal long life light source.

   4. Green, environmental protection

LED light source does not contain mercury, sodium and other harmful heavy metals. It's a green light source.[1]


  . Key factors in choosing UFO High Bay Lights

    With its efficient lighting performance and unique shape design, UFO High Bay Lights has become the preferred lighting solution for many large interior Spaces. However, in choosing the right UFO High Bay Lights for your needs, there are some key factors to consider in addition to understanding the advantages. Next, let's delve into how to choose the right UFO High Bay Lights for you to bring the best lighting effect to your work environment.

 1. Temperature

    First of all, for lamps, whether it is a traditional halogen lamps or modern LED lamps, the biggest factor affecting its span life is temperature.

   (1) The high temperature will cause permanent damage to the LED, LED operating temperature exceeds the chip's carrying temperature, will make the LED light-emitting efficiency quickly reduce, produce significant light failure, and cause damage.

   (2) Elevated temperature will shorten the LED life. Under high-temperature conditions, the defects existing within the LED chip material rapidly multiply until the invasion of the light-emitting area, the formation of a large number of non-radiating composite centers, seriously reducing the LED light-emitting efficiency; high-temperature transparent epoxy resin will be denatured, yellowing, affecting the light transmittance properties; phosphor attenuation at high temperatures is very serious, is the impact of the LED light failure is a major cause.

   (3)  Elevated temperature reduces LED luminous efficiency. Elevated temperature, forbidden band Width decreases, the electron mobility decreases, the internal quantum efficiency decreases, phosphor quantum efficiency decreases, the light decreases, and the thermal refractive index of silica gel decreases, which will directly lead to the reduction of LED luminous efficiency.

   (4) Temperature on the LED light-emitting wavelength has a very big impact, in the temperature increases, the light-emitting region of the forbidden bandwidth of the material will be reduced, resulting in the period of the light-emitting wavelength becoming longer, and the color redshift.

   2. LED Chip selection

    Try to choose low thermal resistance, high-temperature chip. Due to the near-linear relationship between ambient temperature and junction temperature, in real.In the process of use, depending on the product's actual use of the highest ring.

    Depending on the ambient temperature, that is, if the chip is cooled. It's 125 degrees, and the maximum ambient temperature is 60 degrees, so, at room temperature (25 ° C), the chip temperature should be correct to stay within 125-35-10=80 degrees. (Figure 1)


(Figure 1)

   3.Higher economic and social benefits

    Whether from the initial investment costs, operating costs, or maintenance costs and other aspects of the study, we can find that the economic benefits of LED lights are more significant. 

    Figure 2

     As can be seen from the table, the first year of 400W gold halide lamp lamps and electricity costs a total of 990,400 yuan, LED mining lamps used for 1 year, lamps and electricity costs a total of 771,600 yuan. A total of 2.27 million yuan can be saved after 5 years of use.

    This UFO High Bay Lights from JC-LGL can not only achieve power adjustable, color temperature adjustable, but also achieve level 1 energy consumption, die-cast aluminum and fin design to make the product better heat dissipation performance, more than 50,000 hours of working time, at the same time, provide a five-year warranty.

   4.Case study

    JC-LGL's efforts are worthwhile, after a long time of accumulation of experience, can quickly give customers to develop suitable lighting solutions, but also won the praise of customers, not only to establish their own U.S. warehouse and Canadian warehouse, but also on the Alibaba international station UFO High Bay Lights supplier Top1!

   5.Foreground and conclusion

    With the development of the manufacturing and logistics industries, the demand for high-brightness and high-efficiency lighting equipment is also increasing. In addition to the industrial field, commercial places such as supermarkets, shopping malls, stadiums, etc., also have a growing demand for high-brightness, energy-saving lighting equipment. With the continuous progress of LED technology and the reduction of cost, UFO High Bay Lights products using LED light sources are becoming more and more popular in the market. Finally, with the improvement of global awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, the demand for lighting equipment with better energy conservation and environmental performance is also increasing.



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