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In warehouse lighting, the brightness, uniformity and color temperature of the light are all very important factors. The correct warehouse lighting solution can improve work efficiency, protect the safety and health of employees, and reduce the cost of repairing and replacing lamps. Here are some possible warehouse lighting options.

First of all, LED lighting is the best choice. LED lights have the advantages of long life, high efficiency, and easy installation and maintenance. LED fixtures are generally more durable than traditional lighting fixtures, thus reducing the cost of repair and replacement fixtures.

Secondly, the lighting in the warehouse must ensure sufficient brightness. To achieve this, high-brightness LED lights should be selected.

Third, the lighting in the warehouse should be uniform. This avoids shadows and light leaks in the work area. To achieve uniform lighting, multiple low-brightness fixtures can be used to avoid strong light sources in the warehouse.

Fourth, the appropriate color temperature should be selected. Cooler lighting can improve visual acuity but can make employees uncomfortable. In contrast, warmer lighting can create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere but may reduce employee productivity. It is recommended to choose lighting between warm and cool tones to ensure a balance between employee comfort and work efficiency. Of course, specific lighting needs must be adjusted according to local conditions and needs.

     1. How to choose lamps according to the application?

Consider the height of the location.

Most warehouses are located in industrial areas with high heights. Lighting equipment with higher brightness and longer service life should be selected. LED lamps are the first choice, the LED light efficiency is more than 100LM/W, which can reach 180LM/W, even they install with high height,it still can provide enough brightness and long lifetime.

 Consider the size of the venue.

Warehouses of different sizes should consider using LED lighting systems with better visual effects and environmental protection. Romanso lamps provide three angles of 60°, 90° and 120° to meet different needs.

Consider energy saving and consumption reduction. The energy-saving characteristics of LED are its unique advantages. LED lights have a longer service life, which will greatly save energy expenses in the long run. 100W LED lamps can replace traditional 400W HID lights, and mention sensor also available..

Consider the life time of lamp fixture. 

It is most economical and environmental friendly choose a lamps which are suitable for a long service life. As we know lifetime for a traditional HID only have 6 months, Romanso LED lamps have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and come with a 5-year warranty. It’s more environmental friendly save energy.

  1. What issues should be payattention to in warehouse lighting?

The installation height of the lamp. For warehouses with higher heights, the installation height needs to meet the requirements and cannot be too low or too high to ensure the radiation range and brightness of the light. Too low will produce too much glare, and too high the brightness may not be enough.

 Lamp density. Considering the overall lighting effect of the warehouse, the density of lamps should be well controlled, which will be more conducive to improving the lighting quality.

. Light intensity and color temperature. The display effects and optimal usage intensity of lighting fixtures in different places are different. For lamps in different places, you should choose to use lamps whose color temperature changes with environmental changes. The most common color temperature for warehouse is 5000K, color temperature 2700K-6500K is optional.

Waterproof level of lamps

Since the warehouse delivery environment is relatively harsh and is easily contaminated by water vapor, dust, etc., the waterproof level of the lamps is also very important. It is recommended to choose lamps with a IP65 to ensure the service life and performance of the lamps. Waterproof IP for Romanso led high bay light is IP65 which can be use in warehouse.


  1.  Warehouse lighting standards

The distance between fixed lights in the warehouse and the goods should be no less than 50 cm.

The distance between fixed lights and goods in the warehouse, referred to as the light distance, should not be less than 50 cm to prevent the lights from being too close to the goods and causing fires due to the heat generated by the lights. In order to reduce the occurrence of accidents, insiders pay attention to the "five distances" in the warehouse, which are ceiling distance, lamp distance, wall distance, column distance, and stack distance.

Column distance: refers to the distance between the cargo pile and the roof column, usually 10-20 cm. The function of the column spacing is to prevent moisture emitted by the columns from affecting the goods, and to protect the column feet to avoid damage to the building.

Stacking distance: refers to the distance between cargo piles, usually 100 cm. The function of the stack distance is to ensure clear separation between cargo piles to prevent confusion and facilitate ventilation and inspection.

Top distance: refers to the distance between the top surface of the stacked goods and the plane of the warehouse roof. Generally, it is more than 50 cm for flat-roofed buildings. For gable roofs, it shall not exceed the beam.



Warehouse lighting should consider using different lamps according to different factors such as the size and height of the place. Using LED lamps that can save energy, reduce consumption and have long service life can better save energy and protect the environment. At the same time, the installation height and density of lamps are very important, the light intensity and color temperature to ensure adequate and uniform lighting effects in the warehouse. JC-LGL is professional in led industrial and outdoor lighting with more than 16 years experience, we provide widely products for different market, our UFO high bay light is available in the following wattage: 100W, 150W, 200W, 240W, 300W, 400W, 500W. With rich  experience in project case, we have done a lot of successful project for customers. Romanso can provide one-stop service, you just need provide the size and height of the warehouse, then our engineers can help you do simulations and calculate how many lights and wattage need in total, and install location for every lights. For example, there is a warehouse project, length is 80 meter, width is 60 meter, height is 10 meter, 240W lamps are sufficient, total need 150pcs lights.

JC-LGL provide OEM and ODM service, customized label, color box and carton, we welcome you send us inquiry if you have any questions with our products, we will help you solve your problems.



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