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LED High Bay lights suitable for what kind of business premises?

For many large open space places, our UFO High Bay lights and linear High Bay lights are very suitable.
For example: Big Box Retailers, Convention, Centers, Distribution Centers, Factories, Gymnasiums, Supermarkets, Manufacturing Plants, Packaging Facilities, Shop Lights, Warehouses, small shops, professional studios, factory floors, etc.

Our JC-LGL lighting LED High Bay lights have 6 series, the use of the scene is basically the same, the difference is the appearance and color and function.
In addition to being used in the same way, they have several characteristics in common,
1, the power is very large, 5 series can reach 140lm/W-160lm/W lighting power.
2, durable long life, each is equipped with aluminum alloy shell, extremely strong but also lightweight and durable. And very good for heat dissipation. It also protects against dust and moisture. As a result, the average service life of each UFO Highbay lamp and linear Highbay lamp has reached an astonishing 50,000 hours.
3, complete certification, each of our high bay lights have ETL,UL,FC,CE,IP65,RoHS standard certification.

If you happen to have the use of large space scene needs, consider LED high bay lights. You usually run into some kind of problem,
1, How much brightness should my use scene be equipped with lights?
2, if I know I want to use high Bay lamps and site volume, how many lights should I use to meet the requirements of my use scene?
3. Which lamp is suitable for my use scenario?

I have related articles for you to answer these questions, if you need to know more detailed information, you can check these articles.

Let's solve these three problems briefly.
The first question is, how much brightness should my scene be equipped with?
According to your use scenario, our market has a set of relative standards to correspond, here we put it out for customers to provide reference,

Second question, how many lights should I use to illuminate my space?
To solve this problem, we have provided a formula that you can apply to your entire company to calculate the number of lights you have.
Required Number of Lights=Lumen Output per Light (Model)Illuminance (Lux) x Area x 12.9

Third question, which lamp is suitable for my use scenario?
Different use scenarios differ for different types of lights, but our JC-LGL lighting High Bay lights are basically suitable for all large space occasions. It is mainly the difference in some functions and appearance, you can choose the most suitable one according to your own needs, here are the characteristics of our 6 lamps.
1. UFO Adjustable series.
This lamp is the best one we have ever bought for JC-LGL lighting. Its power range is 100W-240W. Its standard energy consumption is 140lm/W. In addition to the 100W model, the other wattage models have three adjustable power levels to adapt to different needs to save power consumption. Can be very flexible application of the same site in different scenarios.
2. HB Black series.
This lamp is very similar to the UFO adjustable series. Its standard energy consumption is 150lm/W. Its power range is 150W-300W. Non-adjustable power. However, there is a 1-10v dimmable interface line, which can be connected to a dimmer to control the light amount.
3. HB White series.
The shape of this lamp is exactly the same as the HB black series. The power range is also 150W-300W. But the color is white. The difference between the HB white series and the black series is that it can adjust the power of all wattage models.
4. Alpha Series.
This lamp has the highest energy efficiency of 160lm/W. It is not adjustable power. Compared with HB series and Adjustable series, it is stronger and more sufficient material. It's the latest product to come online. It is currently running a promotion with a 15% discount on new products. You can save it. Also, like all Ufos, he has a 1-10V external interface. You can connect the dimmer.
5. Bate series.
The power range of this lamp is 100W-150W. It's our new compact, affordable model. The price is one of the cheapest UFO. Energy consumption is 140lm/W, performance is Adjustable series. The price is much lower. Also has 1-10V external connection, can be connected to the dimmer.
6, Linear High Bay light series
The light is rectangular, with a power range of 130W-300W, motion sensor, adjustable power, and external dimmer. Very suitable for business nature of the place.


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