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How to Determine High Bay Light Models and Quantities for Your Space?

 How to Determine High Bay Light Models and Quantities for Your Space

This is the formula for how many lights the venue needs,

This formula basically agrees with the calculation results of all IES software.
Some people ask why the formula does not include the height, because the height is generally only more than 20ft after the need to increase the lighting situation. In general, it is necessary to increase by 1.2-1.3 times on the basis of the original.
So the height of the opportunity can be ignored in the case, we only need to figure out the area you need, the lumen parameters of the lamp, and the luminous flux required for the site.

1, for the area of your site

Length X width = area

2, for your luminaire lumen parameters

Selecting the Right High Bay LED Lamp
We offer a range of high bay LED lamps, including UFO LED lights and LED high bay lights, which are perfect for various applications from residential to industrial settings. Here's a brief overview of our models:

UFO LED High Bay Lights: Known for their energy efficiency and excellent light distribution, these lights are ideal for spaces requiring powerful, focused lighting.
LED Warehouse Lighting: Our warehouse lights ensure that large spaces achieve uniform illumination with reduced shadows.

We have 4 types of lights. The parameters of Gaowan lights are as follows



3, for your luminous flux requirements, the market gives various places of illuminance standards as follows

 Recommended Illuminance Levels

Different spaces require different levels of illuminance depending on their use and activities conducted within them. Here are some common locations and their recommended illuminance levels, measured in foot-candles (FC) and lux (1 FC ≈ 10.76 lux):

Residential and Office Spaces
- Bedroom: 10-20 FC (100-200 lux)
- Living Room: 10-20 FC (100-200 lux)
- Kitchen: 30-50 FC (300-500 lux)
- Study or Desk Area: 50-75 FC (500-750 lux)
- Bathroom: 30-50 FC (300-500 lux)

Commercial Spaces
- Office Work Area: 30-50 FC (300-500 lux)
- Conference Room: 30-50 FC (300-500 lux)
- Reception Area: 20-30 FC (200-300 lux)
- Retail Stores: 50-100 FC (500-1000 lux)
- Restaurants: 5-10 FC (50-100 lux)
- Warehouse and Storage Areas: 10-30 FC (100-300 lux)
Industrial and Manufacturing
- General Manufacturing Areas: 30-50 FC (300-500 lux)
- Fine Work or Inspection Areas: 50-100 FC (500-1000 lux)
- Assembly Line: 50-75 FC (500-750 lux)

Educational and Healthcare
- Classrooms: 30-50 FC (300-500 lux)
- Laboratories: 50-100 FC (500-1000 lux)
- Hospital Wards: 20-30 FC (200-300 lux)
- Operating Rooms: 100-200 FC (1000-2000 lux)

- Parking Lots: 5-10 FC (50-100 lux)
- Sidewalks and Walkways: 10-20 FC (100-200 lux)
- Sports Fields: 30-100 FC (300-1000 lux)

These values are based on general standards and recommendations and can be adjusted according to specific requirements and regulations.

Case Study: Studio Lighting Solution

One of our customers asked us to perform a lamp calculation for his new 54ft x 72ft house, which will primarily be used as a studio. Based on the provided dimensions, the area is 54ft x 72ft, and the required illuminance for the space is between 30-50 FC.

We recommend our adjustable series 100W High Bay light, which provides 14,000 lumens per light.

Let's apply the formula to calculate the number of lamps needed:

Number of lights required = (54*72*50*12.9) /14000=13.9 unit

So, approximately 14 units are needed.

The client wanted to make the room brighter, so we added two more lights to his workspace.
The effect is as follows


The final effect is as follows


High Bay light for the studio


 Benefits of LED High Bay LED Lights
Choosing the best high bay LED lights not only ensures adequate illumination but also brings several benefits:

Energy Efficiency: LED lights consume less power and have a longer lifespan than traditional lighting solutions.
Durability: Designed for longevity, LED UFO and UFO LED high bay lights are robust and suitable for tough environments.
Versatility: Whether it’s a warehouse, studio, or outdoor area, our LED solutions meet diverse lighting needs.
By understanding these key factors and using the recommended formulas, you can accurately determine the number and type of lights required for any space, ensuring efficient and effective illumination with high bay LED lamps.

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