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JC-LGL Lighting: How to Apply for Our 5-Year Warranty

JC-LGL Lighting: How to Apply for Our 5-Year Warranty

Dear Customers,

Recently, we've received numerous inquiries about how to apply for our brand's 5-year warranty. To address these questions, we are providing detailed information about our warranty policy.

At JC-LGL Lighting, customer service is our top priority. We offer a comprehensive 5-year warranty on any commercial lighting fixtures purchased through our official website or Amazon store. If you experience any issues with our products within five years from the purchase date, you can contact our customer service team for support.

Below, we explain the warranty process based on different scenarios:

Scenario 1: The Fixture Has Issues but Is Still Functional

If your fixture has some functionality issues but can still be used, such as:
- Adjustable UFO high bay lights that can’t change power settings.
- Temporary work lights with significant lumen depreciation but still operational.

In such cases, please contact our customer service team and provide a detailed description of the issue along with relevant photos or videos. If the problem cannot be resolved following the guidance of our support staff, we will send you a replacement product. This process will take no more than seven working days.


Scenario 2: The Fixture Is Not Usable

If your fixture has issues that affect its normal operation, such as:
- High bay shop lights flickering continuously.
- Internal components damaged due to weather-related overvoltage protection failure.

For any non-man-made reasons causing the fixture to be unusable, you can contact our support team at to request a replacement. Please provide photos or videos as evidence for our review. Our approval rate is 99%, and once approved, we will send you a new product within seven working days.

We are confident in the quality of our products at JC-LGL Lighting, and the probability of issues is very low. However, we understand that external factors can sometimes cause unavoidable damage. To ensure our customers' rights, our after-sales team is dedicated to providing the best possible service with sincerity and commitment. We aim to deliver the perfect service experience to our customers.

Finally, we wish all our customers good health, happiness, and all the best in life.


Thank you for choosing JC-LGL Lighting!


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