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Because it involves many factors, such as the inverse square law, installation height, beam angle, reflection and absorption, and uniformity requirements. Therefore, it's very complex, and it's not possible to explain all the details here. However, these factors contribute to a total discrepancy of about 12.9. This means that if you know the area and purpose of your space but are unsure about the number and type of lights you need, you might use the following formula to calculate the number of lights required:

Required Number of Lights=Lumen Output per Light (Model)Illuminance (Lux)×Area×12.9

Sure, let's calculate the number of lights needed for your space using the provided formula.

  1. Convert the area from square feet to square meters (since lux is typically measured in metric units):

1 square foot=0.092903 square meters Area=50 ft×100 ft=5000 square feet Area in square meters=5000 ft2×0.092903 m2/ft2=464.515 m2

  1. Use the provided formula:

Required Number of Lights=Illuminance (Lux)×Area×12.9Lumen Output per Light

Assuming the required illuminance for a store is 500 lux (a typical value for commercial spaces):

Illuminance (Lux)=500 Area=464.515 m2 Lumen Output per Light=32000 lumens

Now, plug in the values:

Required Number of Lights=500 lux×464.515 m2×12.932000 lumens

Calculate the numerator:


Now, divide by the lumen output per light:


So, you would need approximately 94 lights to achieve 500 lux in a store with an area of 50 ft by 100 ft.

 The actual situation is arranged according to the distance between the lamps, and only 91 lamps are used.



In addition

We are willing to help electricians or DIYers with creating lighting plans. Just provide us the length, width, and height of the facility and your requirements for illumination and we can offer the lighting layout for you for free.

Different projects have different requirements,we offer DIALUX simulated lighting test service, to help you get more project, no problem!

We need below information:

  • (1) The height of warehouse, garage, factory, workshop, etc.
  • (2) The watts of traditional lights.
  • (3) The ground illumination requirements.

For special lighting plans, just contact us!
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